Benefits of a Scleral Shell

Accidents and eye diseases can sometimes cause an eye not to function or to become disfigured. Living with either of these conditions can present daily challenges. Visually, a person may struggle with depth perception or peripheral vision, which can affect everything from cooking to driving to playing a sport. Psychologically, patients with a disfigured or non-functioning eye often worry about their appearance and may even avoid social interactions. 

Many patients have discovered a solution to the appearance problem with a corneal scleral shell.

Corneal Scleral Shell

What exactly is a corneal scleral shell and how does it work?

A scleral shell is a thin ocular prosthesis that fits over the eye like a large contact lens. It is created to look like your existing eye, even moving with the eye. It also helps make the eyelid openings look symmetrical. Scleral shells are made by ocularists who are specially trained in creating different types of eye prostheses. 

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Benefits of a Corneal Scleral Shell

Provides Eyelid Support 

An injury or disease can cause the eye to shrink, leading to drooping of the upper eyelid. A scleral shell is made to help the disfigured eye opening match the size of the existing eye opening. 

Some stock scleral shell problems include a shape that does not match your eyelids, which makes the appearance look uneven. A customized scleral shell with the right measurements can solve that issue, allowing for a better fit.

Restores Cosmetic Appearance

A custom-made scleral shell can be created to look like your existing eye, matching the exact color and iris size. Many patients report feeling more self-confident after receiving a scleral shell. 

Adds Comfort

If your eye is scarred or disfigured, your eyelid may feel irritated by the rough surface of the eye. A scleral shell provides a smooth surface for the eyelid. The precise fitting method used by ocularists who create custom scleral shells helps ensure a comfortable fit. In fact, the majority of patients report they are more comfortable wearing the shell.  

Scleral Shell Vs. Prosthesis: What’s the Difference?

Many people wonder if scleral shells are different from a prosthesis. What makes them different? 

Scleral cover shells are fitted over the conditions of phthisis bulbi, evisceration, congenital microphthalmia, and the normal sized, blind, disfigured eye. Scleral shells differ from prosthetic eyes in their thickness and length of wearing time depending on the size and sensitivity of the eye.

Similar to a contact lens, scleral shells fit just above the surface of the eyeball, unlike other eye prostheses that are inserted at the patient’s eye socket. Whole-eye prosthesis are recommended for patients who are anophthalmic or have had an enucleation.

Explore a Custom-Fitted Corneal Scleral Shell

The team of ocularists at Carolina Eye Prosthetics use an impression fitting technique to create a scleral shell that can be comfortably worn full time by most patients. Each shell is meticulously hand-painted to match your existing eye. 

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