Custom Artificial Eyes and Hand-Painted Prosthetic Eyes

That trauma is a physical, emotional, and psychological reality, even if your eye loss happened many years ago. In one sense, no one understands what you are going through or feeling right now — but that does not mean you are alone.

Whether your story behind losing an eye is the result of a long and painful process or something you suddenly need to navigate with little or no warning, we want you to know that everyone working at Carolina Eye Prosthetics is sorry for your loss and your suffering.

We also have some good news: you don’t have to live without an eye, or with an eye that doesn’t fit. Your life, health, confidence, and much more really will be substantially better with the right prosthetic eye.

Our team has helped thousands of patients and parents of little ones navigate the difficult decisions in front of you — and celebrated the joy that they find with a new eye that is perfectly made for them. Read about the differences between stock artificial eyes that other ocularists use and the hand-painted, custom prosthetic eye options we have for you.

Explore what to expect with us during a custom eye prosthesis appointment. Then, send Brittney a note so she can schedule a free 20-30 minute consultation with key members of our team to answer your questions and help you understand what’s possible.

How is a Custom Artificial Eye Different than a Stock Prosthetic Eye?

Differences in Fit

The chances that a stock prosthetic eye will fit the unique contours of your eye socket are almost precisely zero. This will almost certainly lead to some level of persistent discomfort and could even do long-term damage to the tissue in your eye socket.

By contrast, our team at Carolina Eye Prosthetics uses what is known as a modified impression technique to produce an artificial eye that is perfectly shaped for your body. Even among ocularists, this process is not particularly common because it is labor-intensive and requires a high degree of specialized training and skill.

We know the end result is worth it, though, because the size, shape, and contours all match the precise dimensions of your eye socket.

Difference in Appearance

Because they are mass-produced, prosthetic eye designs or stock artificial eyes will never match your other eye perfectly and often the differences are quite noticeable to others at a glance. That is because the shape of your iris, the overall size of your eye, and the colors of each part are absolutely and uniquely yours.

Some people can try to look for a custom eye prosthetic to make it as similar as their other eye, but again, without an initial consultation and an in-depth look into their eye details, these solutions may look very different from what they desire.

That is why our team hand-paints each and every custom prosthetic eye or corneal scleral shell we craft for our patients. When you or someone else sees the level of precision in detail we can achieve, it is often a surprise. Here is a great, close-up example:

before of patient
after of patient

Why Our Patients Love Their New Eyes from CEP

  • Since the artificial eyes we create are so detailed and specifically made to match your other eye (or a unique design request you have!) They know they look great.
  • Almost all of our patients immediately find a new level of comfort and confidence in their appearance.
  • With us, the process for fitting and creating your eye is personal — and enjoyable! With us, the process for fitting and creating your eye is personal — and enjoyable! 
  • Unlike other ocularists, we provide a patient-centric experience. This is about you: your health, your eye, your comfort, and your confidence — not our ego or even our dedication to finely crafted work — which we take very seriously! That kind of posture means we often learn from and with our patients. Because we embrace a perpetual growth-mindset, we listen carefully and compassionately, and do better work. All of this translates into a deep experience of patient satisfaction.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

So, what does that personal, enjoyable process look like at Carolina Eye Prosthetics?

  • You should expect a relaxed, warm, empathetic visit with our team. We are going to make you our priority and give you or your child the best care possible.
  • The fitting, creation, and customization of your new eye will all happen on the same day! This is a profoundly important decision and investment in your life, but that does not mean you need to put the rest of your life on hold.
  • CEP serves patients from all over the southeastern United States. In addition, we provide hotel accommodations for patients outside the area traveling over 1.5 hours away, while having same-day fabrication of prosthetic eyes and scleral shells. We want you to feel rested and stress-free for your appointment.
  • During your appointment, one of our ocularists will spend time listening to your story and any concerns. We will make sure any questions you still have are answered.
  • The actual process for making your new eye has three phases:
    • Taking an impression
    • Fitting 
    • Hand-painting, customizing, and polishing your eye
  • We also love to offer our patients something you cannot put a price tag on — some help finding ways to talk to others about your new eye. For children who are just learning how to understand and adapt to life with an artificial eye, it can be very intimidating to know how to talk about their eye with their friends or other family members. We know their eyes aren’t something they need to be shy or ashamed about and it is so rewarding to help them begin to believe that, too!

Many of our adult patients never had much help learning how to do this either. The physical transformation of finally having an eye that looks and feels great is wonderful  — but the joy and healing that many of our patients find when we walk them through ways to talk with others about their eye and appearance are truly life-changing. 

Wherever you are in this process, we would be honored to help you learn some new ways to talk with others — and yourself — about your beautiful, new prosthetic eye.

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