Prosthetic Eye Patient Photos

Explore the transformation of Carolina Eye Prosthetics patients.

When getting a new prosthetic eye, you may have a lot of questions

What will I look like after the procedure?

Will it change my appearance?

Will I like it?

It can be hard to imagine how an artificial eye or scleral shell can look for you or your child, if you have no reference. At Carolina Eye Prosthetics, we want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to make that big decision. We want you to envision a new, more confident you, with your custom eye prosthesis!

Below, you can take a look at our patients’ amazing before and after photos, as they complete their procedure.

Custom Artificial Eye

Are you looking to get a new eye prosthesis that’s a perfect match to your other functional eye? What will they look like after?

At CEP, our hand-painted custom artificial eyes will have all the details you need — such as the shape, size, and color of your iris, making it uniquely yours. Take a look at our custom artificial eye patients below and notice the wonderful transformation that you can also have!

Corneal Scleral Shells

If you still have your eye structure in place, having a corneal scleral shell can be a great fit. These shells sit at the top of your eyeball to match your other working eye. 

See the instant change you will notice in our before and after photos — the eyes now look symmetrical and natural.

before of patient
after of patient

Pediatric Patients

Your child deserves to feel confident and happy with who they are! Carolina Eye Prosthetics takes special care of our pediatric patients who have microphthalmia, anophthalmia, eye injuries, or other congenital issues.

Find these before and after photos of our younger patients — happy and satisfied with their eye prosthesis service.

before of patient
after of patient

Novelty Eyes

Your custom artificial eye can also be a way to express yourself through your passions and interests! CEP also works with patients to create novelty eyes — custom eye artwork from butterflies, brand logos, favorite sports teams, flower designs, and more. 

This is an opportunity to let your creativity run free, all while boosting your confidence with a unique custom prosthetic eye. 

patient with Carolina Panthers prosthetic eye
before/after of patient

Ready For Your Very Own Eye Prosthesis?

If you want to know more about the next steps of getting an eye prosthesis for you or your child, we’re ready to help! Give us a call at 1-877-763-9393 or reach out to us through our contact page.