Do Your Patients Need a Corneal Scleral Shell? What to Consider

As a provider, you are experienced when it comes to listening to your patients’ concerns. When it comes to eye health, perhaps one of the issues you hear about frequently is low self-confidence over an uneven eye that is discolored or disfigured. If glasses, makeup, or other accessories aren’t helping to restore confidence, one of the procedures you can recommend is a corneal scleral shell fitting.

What Is a Scleral Shell?

Much like how a contact lens fits the surface of the eyeball, corneal scleral shells are made of acrylic material made to match a patient’s working eye. Scleral shells can restore the natural appearance of a blemished eye. These acrylic shells also provide support to the eyelids, and can reduce strain and drooping.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Corneal Scleral Shell Fitting?

As a provider, you want to give thoughtful care to your referrals — we understand! At Carolina Eye Prosthetics, we want to make sure that each of our patient’s needs is met. Our custom corneal scleral shells are mindfully designed to include unique details of each patient’s working eye. This allows us to cosmetically match the eyes for a natural appearance.

Your patient may benefit from a corneal scleral shell procedure if …

  • They have eye conditions that cause an uneven appearance. Eye injuries,, congenital microphthalmia,unsightly blind eye or phthisical eye are just some of the common conditions where patients can benefit from a scleral shell. Some of these conditions can also arise from other health problems such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, or cataract.
  • They express thoughts and feelings about what their eyes can look like. If your patient is worried about their eyes’ appearance, or is looking for advice on how to feel more comfortable and confident, they might be a good candidate for a corneal scleral shell. They may or may not be familiar with corneal scleral shells or have not thought about eye prosthesis in general.
  • They already have an existing eye prosthesis but are unsatisfied with it. Some types of scleral shells can look very different from a patient’s other working eye. For this reason, your patient may feel unhappy with how they look or how they function.

CEP’s corneal scleral shell procedure aims to boost your patient’s confidence and comfort without compromising quality. We understand the thoughts and feelings that come with losing the functionality an eye, and we are here to help.

Do you have a patient who might benefit from a custom corneal scleral shell?  We would love for you to call or share our phone number at 877-763-9393. Parents of pediatric patients can also visit our Pediatrics Services page to know more.

How Can I Refer My Patient to Carolina Eye Prosthetics?

If you have a patient who is a good candidate for the corneal scleral shell procedure, you can give us a call at 877-763-9393. You are also welcome to fill out our contact form, and give us details on how we can best help your patient.