Helping Patients Build Confidence After Eye Loss

Eye care providers understand and expect that their patients will feel grief, loss, and fear after having an eye removed, but that doesn’t make it any easier to witness. Guiding your patients through recovery after they’ve lost an eye involves more than just giving them aftercare instructions. Carolina Eye Prosthetics helps doctors and patients with the next steps — creating and fitting a custom eye prosthesis.

Rebuilding their self esteem is vital to your patients’ ongoing health and well-being. The best path to normalcy — to feeling whole again — is to help restore their appearance with a realistic prosthetic eye. Nothing will boost their confidence like recognizing themselves in the mirror without a patch or eye covering.

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Recommending a certified ocularist is the top priority for any provider. Your patients’ health and happiness as well as your work and reputation could be at stake. Poor fit or quality could compromise surgical results, cause your patient discomfort, and lead to inflammation and infection.

Carolina Eye Prosthetics is a patient-focused, family-owned and operated company devoted to providing customized, realistic results and support services. Using the latest techniques and technology, board-certified ocularists at CEP partner with doctors and patients to size, fit and create custom ocular prosthetics. Our highly skilled staff have experience with a broad range of patients, from children to the elderly, who have a variety of conditions. 

Our services don’t stop once the patient’s eye is fitted and placed. We encourage everyone to return for cleaning and polishing every six months, which also allows us to check the health and condition of the socket. We can also stay on track for regular replacements of the ocular prosthetic, which are usually recommended every three to five years.

Getting started at CEP is easy. From free consultations to same-day sizing and fitting for most patients, we’re dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible. We believe good communication and follow-up are the keys to happy patients. Our business model allows us to work directly for each person rather than working within the constraints placed by an insurance company.

Start a conversation with us today about referring your patients to Carolina Eye Prosthetics.