Lash Lifts and Tints

For patients with prosthetic eyes, some experience mild to moderate cases of entropion. It’s a condition caused when the eyelid turns inward, making the eyelashes rub against the eye. It causes irritation and sometimes gives an asymmetrical appearance to the patient’s eyes. 

As part of our commitment to helping patients restore their confidence and comfort, Carolina Eye Prosthetics is now offering lash lifts, a procedure that lifts the eyelid’s lashes up and off the eye, relieving entropion and giving the eye a more open appearance. 

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What to Expect During

The procedure only takes about 45 minutes to an hour. There might be some slight discomfort, but the procedure isn’t painful.

If you are getting a new custom artificial eye and you’re a good candidate for a lash lift, we can do the lift on the same day you receive your eye.

There are three simple steps involved in a lash lift:

  1. We clean the eyelashes and determine the right size silicone form needed. We then glue the lashes onto the form. 
  2. Then we perm your eyelashes, keeping your lower lashes completely covered.
  3. The third and final step is nourishing your eyelashes with a keratin blend.

Because it’s considered a cosmetic procedure, a lash lift isn’t typically covered by insurance. 

What to Expect After 

You shouldn’t feel any residual discomfort after your lash lift and tint. 

You won’t be able to get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Lash lifts typically last about 4-8 weeks, depending on your lash length and thickness. Your lashes grow and fall out in a three-month cycle; depending on which phase your lashes are in will affect how long your lift lasts. 

Meet the Team

Carolina Eye Prosthetics has a certified and licensed esthetician on staff for lash lifts and tints — meet Michelle Brown. Michelle has been a member of the Carolina Eye Prosthetics team since 2015.

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