Provider Referral Partnerships

Even the most exceptional surgical work and experience can turn sour for a patient with a terrible ocularist experience. Ideally, the ocularist team you send your patients to will complement and enhance all the delicate, hard work you’ve already done. Perhaps you’ve found that a strong continuity of care has been more of the exception instead of the standard. That’s what we’ve heard from many of the providers who eventually found a healthy, mutually beneficial connection with our team at Carolina Eye Prosthetics

We understand the reasons why it’s not easy to build a network of trusted ocularists for referrals, and it often starts with a lack of professionalism around even the most basic needs — responsive, trustworthy communication. Your work and patients deserve much better, and that’s what we’ve always been committed to providing. We’ve outlined some ways we can help you and your practice, and hope you’ll let us reach out to you, but for now, we’ll just say welcome — we’re glad you’re here!

Who We Serve at Carolina Eye Prosthetics

We’re based in Burlington, North Carolina, and serve the Triad Region, but many of our patients come from within a 300-mile radius across state lines — and from around the country. They’ve heard about the exceptional care we provide, which includes extras like comfortable hotel accommodations close to our office — at our expense — for out-of-town patients who travel from over 1.5 hours away. We take that kind of time and trouble for our patients because we’re a family-based practice that offers clarity at every stage of the process and prioritizes thorough, professional attentiveness to the needs of all our patients and families with the services we offer

Why Providers Love Referring to Carolina Eye Prosthetics

We’re Patient-Centric

That family atmosphere and warm welcome we mentioned is something our clients often tell us they can feel right away. In the bios for our team you’ll quickly see not only the depth of experience we have with pediatric patients, seniors, and everyone in between, but also some of the character of our ocularists.

Prompt, Professional Communication

If you send us a note to let us get in touch, you’ll see how seriously we prioritize helpful, clear, communication you can depend on. It’s more than just a professional given for us. We know that surgeons and other providers often need a patient seen on short notice, so our partners value the way they can expect to hear from us right away.

Our Work Makes Your Work Look Even Better

All of our prosthetics are custom-made and hand-painted. And, it’s not simply that our prosthetics look better and feel substantially different than what patients will find with other ocularist options. We make sure our patients feel relaxed, empowered, and have the option to be involved in the customization process, if they want to be.

We Invest the Time it Takes with Each Patient and Family

We work closely with kids who are just beginning to sort out how to talk about their new eye or condition with friends and strangers so they know how to avoid feeling ashamed or stigmatized. We also spend time helping adult patients who have sadly internalized some of those thoughts and feelings — sometimes for decades — and who are finally ready to explore a better option that helps them regain confidence. We promise our patients that they will never feel rushed, even if that means spending the whole day with our team at the office; we answer all their questions at every stage; and we’re diligent about follow-up visits.

We Refer Back to Providers 

As a well-established ocularist team with an outstanding level of trust from our community, past patients, and new clients, we’re in the perfect position to make quality referrals to all kinds of providers:

  • Oculoplastic surgeons
  • Ocular oncologists
  • Retina specialists
  • Cornea specialists
  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Pediatric ophthalmologists
  • Veterans Administration providers
  • Glaucoma specialists
  • Family practitioners
  • Opticians

We have relationships with providers in independent practices, university health systems, Veterans Administration centers, franchise practices, and more. Many of the patients we treat have questions about plastic surgery, and we’re strong advocates for those options. Our approval and guidance gives a curious patient more encouragement to explore those possibilities, and we love to point them in a good direction. 

How We’d Like to Help You Today

There are several things we’re inviting you and your team to take advantage of today — and these are standing offers!

Come visit our office.

We love to host surgeons, technicians, and others for professional development or a showcase of the latest technology and options for patients. Even veteran providers are surprised to find out the range of what’s possible with today’s custom prostheses. 

Schedule a call or video meeting with our staff.

We can discuss the particulars of a referral you’d like to make, answer more general questions about everything we provide at Carolina Eye Prosthetics, or just get to know one another and begin seeing if we’re a good referral partner fit.

Let us send you some brochures.

Most of our provider partners love having some of our print brochures on hand to leave behind with their patients. You can view or download a digital version of our brochure here, but we’re happy to mail you some print versions, as well.

We hope to connect with you soon. Call us at 877-763-9393 or send us a note today.