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Caring for Your New Prosthetic Eye Has Never Been More Rewarding

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Why are follow up visits an important part of the Carolina Eye Prosthetics experience?

#1. Did you know you should have your new, custom prosthetic eye cleaned and polished every six months? Regular cleanings are an important part of maintaining your investment in your new eye. We use a modified impression method when we make our prosthetics and it requires a certain type of compound for proper cleaning.

#2. When you pop in our office for your quick six-month cleaning, we can also check the health of your eye socket, ensuring there’s nothing standing in the way of continued use of your prosthesis.

#3. Prosthetic eyes last on average 3-5 years. Regular visits to Carolina Eye Prosthetics will help us determine when it’s time for a replacement.

Join the Carolina Eye Prosthetics VIP Program

When you purchase a new custom, hand-painted prosthetic eye from Carolina Eye Prosthetics, come see us every six months and receive the following perks …

  • After 2 follow up visits within 12 months, you’ll receive a $25 gas card and a free Carolina Eye Prosthetics t-shirt
  • After 4 follow up visits within 24 months, you’ll receive a $25 gas card and a $20 DoorDash gift certificate! 

After you submit your information, a representative from Carolina Eye Prosthetics will contact you via email with more information and next steps. Thank you for your interest!

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