Have Some Safe, Summer Fun!

One of the many benefits of a prosthetic eye is the confidence that comes with it. Whether you recently had eye removal surgery, you have a prosthetic eye, or you’re the parent of a child with a prosthetic eye, we want to be sure you don’t miss out on any of your favorite activities this summer.

Which outdoor activities can I do with my prosthetic eye?

Grandfather and granddaughter playing basketball

All of them! You can do any outdoor activity you choose, but some activities require wearing goggles or even removing your eye prosthesis. If you’re doing an adventurous activity, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, or bungee jumping, always wear goggles or take out your eye prosthesis so you don’t dislodge or damage your prosthesis. Whether you’re playing tennis, running, or gardening, always keep your good eye protected by wearing glasses. Here are six tips for taking care of your prosthetic eye.

How will having one good eye affect playing sports and activities?

  • You can still participate in sports and activities with one good eye, and you will naturally adjust to the changes that come with it. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind: You will have a smaller field of vision, which means you will have to turn your head more often to take in everything around you.
  • Your depth perception will be different, which will affect activities such as throwing and catching a ball and being able to judge when to step up or down on stairs and uneven surfaces.
  • You will need to protect your good eye by wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, and/or goggles at all times (except when sleeping).
  • Although a prosthetic eye can’t restore vision, it can provide a more natural appearance. Prosthetic eyes are custom-made and matched in size and color to the remaining natural eye in such detail that it’s often difficult for others to notice that a person has an eye prosthesis. Are you considering a prosthetic eye? Learn more about Carolina Eye Prosthetics.

I live in the Triad area and I’m ready to have some summer fun!

Are you looking for things to do in Burlington, Greensboro, or Raleigh? Residents of the Triad area will find plenty of options for entertainment and exercise:

Public parks and outdoor spaces
Burlington Tennis Center
The Valley Golf Course
Canoe Lake Mackintosh or Lake Cammack
Swim at the Mayco Bigelow Community Center
Fun things to do with kids in Burlington

Greensboro parks and gardens
Greensboro trails and greenways
Greensboro public pools and spraygrounds
Public tennis courts in Greensboro
Greensboro lakes for water sports
Fun things to do with kids in Greensboro

Parks and lakes in Raleigh
Public tennis courts in Raleigh
Public pools in Raleigh
Splash pads, lakes, and pools in Raleigh
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gardens
Fun things to do with kids in Raleigh

You can have safe, summer fun!

A prosthetic eye doesn’t restrict you – it empowers you! We have patients that do everything from surfing to sky diving.
A prosthetic eye doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having fun!

If you have questions or you’re considering an eye prosthesis, please contact us here or call 336-228-7877. Consultations are free and video consultations are available.