Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Ocularist

Making the decision to get a prosthetic eye can be an emotional time for patients. 

Maybe you’re still adjusting to the loss of an eye or you’ve been waiting years for this opportunity. Maybe you’re looking for a new ocularist who can provide you with a prosthesis that’s more comfortable and realistic looking. Whatever your reason, it’s an investment financially, physically, and emotionally — you want to get it right. 

When looking for an ocularist, be sure and ask:

Are your prosthetic eyes custom made or stock?

Anna Boyd Jefferson, Board Certified Ocularist, designs a custom eye by hand.

The difference between a custom-made prosthetic eye and a stock eye is one that is made specifically to your needs and appearance, and a prosthesis that is already made and available on a shelf in a stockroom somewhere.  A custom-made prosthesis will be made to match your companion eye and be fitted to your eye socket, making it more comfortable and realistic. 

Are you board-certified?

You’ll want an ocularist who is certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists (NEBO). Ocularists who are board-certified have been through extensive training and course instruction. It’s also helpful if you can find a board-certified ocularist who has been practicing for a while, giving them even more experience. And if you’re looking for an ocularist for your child, be sure and ask if there’s an ocularist on staff specializing in pediatrics.

What is the process for getting a prosthesis?

Ask for an overview of the process. How long does it take to get my new prosthetic eye? What’s involved in getting the right size and fit? Knowing exactly what to expect will make the process less overwhelming and give you an idea of whether or not it will work with your timeline and expectations. 

How do you handle follow up care?

Most ocularists will need to see you at least once a year to be sure your prosthesis is still comfortable and that your eye socket is healthy. You’ll also want to be sure your prosthetic eye will be polished and cleaned at any follow-up appointments.

What about insurance, cost, and payment options?

Make sure your provider has options that work for your budget. 

You want an ocularist you have confidence in and you’re comfortable with because, ultimately, you want to be more comfortable with your appearance. 

The Carolina Eye Prosthetics Experience

Carolina Eye Prosthetics is family-owned and operated, serving patients all over North Carolina and surrounding states for more than 30 years. 

Based in Burlington, we have a board-certified ocularist on staff. Anna specializes in pediatric patients and has a genuine passion for caring for children and understands the importance of spending time with them to gain their trust and put them at ease. 

At our office, patients typically start with a consultation via video or in-person, and then come in-person for the fitting of their custom prosthetic eye. In most cases, we’re able to create a custom prosthesis for our patients in just one day. 

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