What to Expect When Getting a Prosthetic Eye

A Patient’s Guide

Congratulations on taking a big step toward rediscovering your self-confidence as you consider getting a custom prosthetic eye

A new prosthetic eye can help you feel more like yourself, but you might be nervous about the process. You probably have a lot of questions …

  • What can I expect?
  • How long does it take to get my prosthetic eye?
  • Is it painful?

We’ve put together answers to our patients’ most frequently asked questions to provide you with an overview of the prosthetic eye process. 

What can I expect at my initial consultation?

We’ll start with a free video consultation or in-person appointment so we can confirm you’re a candidate for a custom prosthetic eye. This doesn’t take long, usually 30 minutes or so, and it will give you a chance to ask any questions you might have. 

Assuming you’re a candidate for a custom prosthesis, we’ll guide you through the next steps. 

What happens at my next appointment?

After your free consultation, you’ll come see us for the fitting and creation of your custom, hand-painted prosthetic eye. For most of our prosthetic eyes, we can have it ready that same day, meaning you’ll go home with your new eye! 

At the start of your appointment, we’ll take an impression and hand sculpt your custom prosthetic eye. You’ll take a leisurely lunch break while we get your prosthesis ready for the painting process. When you come back from lunch, we’ll paint your prosthesis, which takes about an hour. You’ll enjoy one last break while the prosthesis cures. When you come back to our office that afternoon, we’ll have it ready for you! 

I live outside of the Triad area. Does Carolina Eye Prosthetics see patients from outside of North Carolina?

CEP serves patients from all over the southeastern United States. In addition, we provide hotel accommodations for patients outside the area traveling over 1.5 hours away, while having same-day fabrication of prosthetic eyes and scleral shells.

Will my prosthetic eye hurt?

Your new prosthetic eye should not hurt. If there is any discomfort or dryness you can use an eye lubricant to moisten the eye socket.

How will I feel after my prosthetic eye?

An eye loss can cause emotional distress, grief, and a feeling of incompleteness. The Carolina Eye Prosthetics experience is designed to restore your confidence by making you feel whole again. Our custom, hand-painted prosthetic eyes are unique to the individuals who wear them.

How long does a prosthetic last?

With proper care, such as regular cleanings every six months, your prosthetic eye should last 3-5 years. At Carolina Eye Prosthetics, we reward our patients who come in for regular 6-month cleanings through our VIP program.

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How do I keep my prosthetic eye clean?

Cleaning your prosthetic eye is easy and only needs to be done every 1-2 months. Gently scrub the prosthetic eye with your fingertips using warm water; dry it with a soft tissue, lightly buffing the surface. Mild soap can be used occasionally, but  avoid any cleaning solvents and rubbing alcohol.

Please see our website for more information about our custom, hand-painted prosthetic eyes.

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